ARTIST OF THE WEEK: TONY SEKER -How art can help you overcome trauma

As some of you already know, this blog is more like a community where artists can express themselves and everyone can get to know new art every week.


Tony is an artist from New York but first of all I have to say he is extremely kind in a way that almost surprised me. He believed in our project so he decided to share with us his story in a beautiful and meaningful mail.

Let’s see!Immagine

When we experience trauma, sometimes words alone can fail to lift us from our malaise.
That’s the first line of his moving mail.
As soon as I keep on reading I immediately understand how his art is strongly influenced by his tough past.
Fleeing my home, life and friends as a youngster, during the Lebanese Civil War, was precisely that pivotal moment in my humanistic consciousness and my artistic expression.
Whereas I spent hours (pre-war) painting plastic model airplanes in camouflage, I expressed my losses but also my survivor’s spirit as a refugee, by replacing the combat colors (tan/green/brown) with the opposite (red, black, pink & so on).
Immagine3Years later, he realised how abstract art had changed his life.
In fact, art represents , for Tony , a way of expressing his past with the consciousness of the present and the hope of tomorrow for a better world.
Ultimately I want humanity to embrace those special things that we have in common rather than being swayed by those telling us how different we are.
Tony now lives in New York but he has also lived in Paris and London.
Thank you Tony for joining #TheCircle!
Follow Tony Seker on Instagram @claxondusoleilcropped-img_1880.jpg


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